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Personalised Living Area

Rest, relax and revive in revitalised style and comfort. Our expert will help refresh your living room for every chillout occasion, be it solo loafing or social sitting. Living room, the watering hole of every home, where the whole family tribe flocks and flops. I recent times, these sociable spaces have played host to all-from Zoom meeting with perfectly plumped-up and arranged cushions in the background to zen den yoga sessions with candles a-wafting, and our course, the word’s biggest lockdown binge marathon of anything .

House & commercial Painting Service
Our interior offers professional and advanced house or commercial painting service in Kerala. We are specialised in machine based spray painting services. Our painters are not only expert but will also guide you as per your choice and needs.

Customised Modular Kitchen

Where do we have to start Planning the kitchen layout?


Every kitchen aspect, how its works and how it is used based around the layout. We have to decide first, how we are going to use this space, as this will dictate what we need to include in it. Is our kitchen purely for cooking, or will be a entertaining space too? Is it a working from home spot, and will kids be doing homework in there? 


The kitchen is a dual functional space for cooking and eating, meaning open-plan living has to be second nature.


Open-plan kitchen

One of the most popular styles of kitchens in recent years, and for good reason. There is a time and a place in a kitchen for formal dining, but the modern kitchen has to be able to accommodate a impromptu pasta with friends or a stir fry with the family. Not only this, but the kitchen is also a homework base, a relaxed office space and a home bar. 


Island kitchen

An island kitchen can actually be composed of any of the other man kitchen layouts. The differentiation here is simply an island in the middle, detached from all walls. Walkway space will the key consideration. 


Gallery Kitchen

These kitchens are typically found in long, narrow rooms. In gallery layouts, counters run along the two parallel walls. 


L-shaped kitchen

A more traditional kitchen layout, the L shape is usually based around a corner and formed by counters and cupboards running along two perpendicular walls. 


U shaped kitchen

This kitchen design run against 3 walls, creating the classic “ U” shape. It allows for a lot of worktop space. 


Perfect Bedroom

How to creat the perfect bedroom. 


Super size your duvet

When it comes to the star of the show-the bed-first impressions are everything. As the bed usually takes up the majority of the floor space, how it looks and its impact on the room are very important. 



The secret is white bedding, as it symbolises a sense of luxury and relaxation. Of course, white bed sheets can be a real chore to keep fresh looking and crease free, so i recommend two drops of fabric softener in a spray bottle of water and spritz to keep linen fresh and presentable.


Pillow Talk

A good pillow is the secret to a great nights sleep. The wrong kind of pillow can wreak havoc on our slumber. Pillow protector is a must. Never place the pillows flat, instead prop them upright to give a finished look and compete the look with a neatly folded and complete the look with a neatly folded throw in a complementary color at the end of the bed to add interest and texture. 

Customised Dining Space

How do we maximise the space in your dining room?


Space is a luxury for most of us who live in apartments as well as those with landed property. Optimisation, especially in highly functional space such as the kitchen and dining room, is a critical consideration when designing a home. Our experts share tips on how to maximise the space in different dining room layouts and settings. 


Square layout:

Tip 1: A square or round table works best in a square dining room when it comes to space optimisation. Round ones, in particular, are very efficient as they optimise the seating capacity while allowing people to access the table from all sound it. 


Tip 2: Say yours has a square and symmetrical space, it is not a must that it should rest squarely in the centre. By placing the dining table off-centre, you can add a sideboard or build-in cabinets for extra storage. 


Odd shaped layout:

Tip 1: In an odd-shaped dining area, the role of the table as the spatial anchor becomes even more critical. Start from its shape, size and position. Then work your way out by filling in other details such as chairs, a rug and a sideboard. 

Tp 2: Sometimes, the best solution is to opt for a dining table customised for the space, such as this trapezium model. 

3D Modelling

Living Area or living room is the best part of any establishment as it speaks for the rest of the house on its own. The kind of setting one has in the living room symbolizes the taste of the owner and is thus one of the most crucial areas for any interior designer. With changes in the interior designing world that are happening at the blink of an eye, we at Finelook Interiors promise all our clients a modernistic approach to designing, creating, decorating, and renovating the Living Area Spaces of all kinds which are contemporary and fresh, undeniably making us the best interior designers in Kannur.

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